Fasteners Association of India has addressed a critical need of the Industry where unqualified and technically deficient skill especially at the machine operator shopfloor level have been a major impediment for optimising productivity & focus on quality for a larger part of the Industry. In the last many years, availability of skilled labour has also been a huge deterrent.

With a clear mission of providing services for improvement in skill, technology, business promotion and working for the betterment of the Fastener Industry in India especially manufacturers, the first milestone envisioned was achieved with India's first Fastener Training Institute in conjuction with a very reputed technical training centre - EVA Positive. The centre of excellence was inaugurated at Bhubaneshwar on 8th May 2017 with the first batch of students placed within Industry immediately. Students having ITI, Diplomas or Degrees, completed a structured theoretical & practical training program. The programs will evolve for programs for boltformers & nutformers for the future with the backing & support from Industry. The Institute would have 6 batches a year to serve the Fastener Industry.